ProTimer: The best countdown timer for email that boosts urgency

Feels like real

It will count up to 20 min. Not just 1 minute as fake timers do.

Retina support

It won't spoil your beautiful email templates with image quality from 90's

15 beautiful designs

It will perfectly fits your template. With a customizable background color.

Real integration

Integrate with your autoresponders and make promotions for every new subscriber

Boost your funnel's conversion

proTimer, unlike its competitors, can be integrated right into your auto-responder email series Read more

  • mailchimp
  • getresponse
  • activecampaign
  • mailerlite
  • aweber
  • icontact
  • unisender

Eliminate time-zone confusion

Stop losing customers just because they were not sure when your offer would expire and were too late.

2x increase in click rates & conversions

Based on test email countdowns can seriously improve the performance of your offers

Why is proTimer the best?

5-30x longer counting

Our countdown does not look like a fake GIF that you inserted in an email. It will count down for 5 minutes or more while your subscribers are reading your email.

Compare for yourself(ours vs competitor's):

15 beautiful designs

Our technology allows you to make really beautiful and customizable designs that will perfectly fit into your emails.

protimer desings

13 languages

We can generate a countdown in any language you want. If it is not on our list, just contact our support and in couple days we will add it.

protimer languages
  • Free
    • 10 000 Views
    • 7 Designs
    • 3 Mins Long Animation
    • No Autoresponders
    • With Branding
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  • $ 5 /mo
    • 30 000 Views
    • 15 Designs
    • 5 Mins Long Animation
    • Autoresponders integration
    • No Branding
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  • $ 40 /mo
    • 500 000 Views
    • 15 Designs
    • 20 Mins Long Animation
    • Autoresponders integration
    • No Branding
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No. Everything is hosted on our servers. As our countdown is much better than others, it's much more complicated process to generate it. So, it is better if it is done on our side :)

We will always help you! Just contact us at [email protected] or use the contact form below.

Yes, you can use any email provider that allows you to edit the HTML code of your email (99.9%) or insert images.

There are only some limits if you want to use proTimer in auto-responder series. In this case, you can see the list of supported email providers above or contact us. Actually, it is not a big deal for us to add another one :)

Have any questions? Just ask:

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