UptimeRobot alternatives. I found the better ones!

I have used UptimeRobot as my uptime monitoring service for many years. But, while writing this article, I found that better services exist!

So instead, of paying more and more for UptimeRobot (they had $5 for 50 monitors a couple of years ago, now it is $15).

Those three services listed below can easily compete with UptimeRobot in a head-to-head matchup. But I added other alternatives as well. In case you need a more advanced monitoring solution.


Better monitoring overall and a better free plan, but only if you need 10 monitors or less:

  • + Its free plan includes 10 monitors with 3-minute checks.
  • + On paid plans, it offers 30-second checks (the only service I’ve found).
  • + The interface is much more responsive and modern.
  • + Check your website from Europe, Asia, and Australia, instead of only from Dallas USA.
  • – Expensive, with monthly rates starting at $24.
  • – Fewer notification options: email, FreshDesk, FreshService, Webhook, Slack, Twilio, and Zapier are the only options.


If you use UptimeRobot’s free plan, it is much better to switch to FreshWorks Otherwise, judge for yourself:

  • + Its free plan includes 50 monitors with 1-minute checks.
  • + 11 locations to check out in North America, Europe, and Asia (you get to pick which)
  • – Fewer notification options, including email, FreshDesk, FreshService, Webhook, Slack, Twilio, and Zapier.
  • – Keyword monitoring is only available on the paid plan.
  • – More expensive: $11 for 60 monitors


It is more functional overall, but the monitors are slightly inferior.

  • + In addition to uptime monitoring, the Free plan includes one page speed monitor, one domain monitor, and one SSL monitor!
  • – The Free plan only has 10 monitors with 5-minute checks, whereas Uptime Robot has 50.
  • – There is no keyword check monitor.
  • – More expensive: the cheapest paid plan for 100 monitors is $20.41.

Other services:

And there are services that I do not consider particularly better than UptimeRobot. But they are definitely an alternative to UptimeRobot in some circumstances:

  • PingMonit – 3 monitors with 1-minute checks on the free plan
  • Site24x7 – ree plan with 50 monitors and 5-minute checks (yes, 5-minute checks, not 10-minute checks).
  • Uptimia – only 1 monitor with a 5-minute check is free. Has transaction monitoring, speed monitoring, and real user monitoring as well.
  • Uptrends – offers a lot of different monitoring options: for servers, networks, cloud, etc. But their free plan is only 1 monitor with a 5-minute interval.
  • UptimeDoctor – has an outdated interface, but offers 5 monitors with 1-minute checks.